First Post, Welcome to my blog..

Hi, my name is Ellie and this is my new blog. I have been wanting to start a blog for several months now, and now I am off school for three months I figured I should definately start it now.

My blog will be based on lifestyle, beauty and fitness. These are topics I am very passionate about, therefore I would love to share my passion with others in my writing. It’s my first time writing a blog so I hope that all readers enjoy it, and continue to support me and read my posts. Looking forward to the future, and hope to upload my first real post very soon.

Ellie x


2 thoughts on “First Post, Welcome to my blog..

  1. Love your starting a blog. Here’s a tip in the end of ever post you make you should a catchphrase like until next time Ellie. Also check out and Don’t forget to have fun.


  2. Hey Ellie I think it’s amazing your starting a blog and I will give two tips to increase popularity. First tip Have a hello catchphrase so as soon as they see it they now it’s you. Last but the biggest tip. Remember you have to have fun when you blog. Also check out p.s. I think one of my followers told you my line before this and If it’s okay can tell my followers about your blog.

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